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Stella by Ophelia-Overdose

Oh my god I love this so much! This is the most stunning picture I've ever saw everything is so calming and elegant :D Kind of like vint...

Elf Girl by VlKlNGEN

I like this a lot! But that cause the nose reminds me more of a Dwarf nose? And I love the ears~! Elves are my 4th favorite mythical cr...

Secret of the night by Ophelia-Overdose

This is the most coolest thing I have every seen! How do you do that to your hair? I love how everything is mysterious and the colors l...

Instinct by Ophelia-Overdose

I come from a land of under~ Where woman go and men plunder Can you hear-can you hear the thunder! You better run! You better take cove...



Poster Art
Lost Art by FemFantasy
Negative Albino lol by FemFantasy
No Eyed Girl by FemFantasy
Mercy and Dunny: Love by FemFantasy
Negative Albino two by FemFantasy
Sticker Art by FemFantasy
A few Years ago I grew Poster Art basically my own drawings on a poster so I'm good at it I can give you a few art styles I can currently do and if you can give me an example on how you want it to look like that be great. It's just a drawing or a picture that you would see on a poster like a dumb made up movie that you came up or what ever I'll show better example later but just check out the ones I have now so you can see what I mean. This are my favorite drawings so just check it out it's just an art example lol :D

Comic Posters
Band Posters
Fake Movie Posters
Steven Universe Art
Gemsona1 Taafiete by FemFantasy
Sphene My Gemsona by FemFantasy
Amethyst and Sphene by FemFantasy
Emerald1complete by FemFantasy
New Gem by FemFantasy
Hmm not sure how to start my first commission but I need something to do while I'm here so I'll start drawing stuff I like to do! I've only drew about 3 OC Gemsonas for other people so I'll start small. Send me a message and a picture of your Gem or we can talk about it. :/ I'm also experimenting with different body types and I don't like coloring my work it's just how I am but I can if you prefer it like that :)


Basil Lynn Jolin by FemFantasy
Basil Lynn Jolin
My OC for the Ultimate Spider-Man fanific that I'm writing! Her name is Basil Lynn Jolin but her nickname is Jojo she's in my fanfic "My lovely Blonde" the rating for it is currently "M" because there are chapters that are unfinished so I'm not sure if it would go that far but I'm planning to see if I could make it into "M" rated if not I'll change it. I just added my first chapter today 10/22/2016 so if anyone is interested go check it out! :) Going to add the next chapter in the next 3 days. I do notice her eyebrow it's just her hair that covers part of it and yes she has thick eyebrows!
My Meme Diglett by FemFantasy
My Meme Diglett
So I was looking up Spider Man meme and wanted to make my own and notice the Diglett looked like a grave sooo this popped in my head :smirk:
Game of Thrones it's suppose to be The Children
I drew this because this is how I thought the children from Game of Thrones would looks like and I was wrong. Ehh.
Taffeta ne version with new clothing by FemFantasy
Taffeta ne version with new clothing
Steven Universe fan art same Gem but different clothing for someone else OC Gemsona lol
Mercy and Dunny: Love by FemFantasy
Mercy and Dunny: Love
Need some Ideas for the background not sure if it should a Diner theme or at home theme?

I visited my cousin and I saw them sitting and taking like this. Forgo what it was about but I liked it lol
Dunny and Mercy: Love comes in many forms by FemFantasy
Dunny and Mercy: Love comes in many forms
I drew a picture of my cousin and her boyfriend and it made me smile because it reminds me that love is in many forms lol


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Hey whats up my name is Jennifer I'm Pan-sexual and I LOVE art and MUSIC. I really like to draw my own things and hopefully add more of my pictures. I was 17yrs old when I came here but totally forgot about it and trying to make up for lost time and art. Nice to meet you! =D

Completely off topic but has anyone played the Harvest Moon? I think I know who the Mystery Girl in the Beginning is. She's Aja! I remember in the beginning a Girl came up to the Farm and asked if he can tell Stories about the City and about YOU. Later on you come back to Mineral Town and I notice the equal amount of Boys and Girls in the town! It's obvious Elli marries the Doctor, Cliff marries Ann, Karen marries Chicken Boy, Popuri marries Kai, Mary marries Grey along with the 2 younger kids who would marry each other when the time comes back. But there is no one left for you unless the story of Aja coming is true and you are suppose to marry her? What "IF" you have to do all this nice things for everyone help Cliff, do all the Events, give Flowers to Manna, hock up everybody and marry none of the Villager Girls and Aja does come back and then you have a chance with her! What "IF" you are suppose to marry her and no one else in the game? This is serious..what if the game is suppose to last longer and eventually Joanna does came back afterwards? Has anyone actually played a perfect game? Got all the scenes, all the Sprites, All the Events, Got all the upgrades House/Tools/Barns, all the Recipes, Win all the contests, Help everyone, Befriend EVERYONE, and complete the mines, get the vacation house/cottage, get all the black pearls, complete everything in before 5 years. Until the 5th year at 11 - 14 day at 8 p.m. just to meet Aja who just might be the mystery girl from the beginning of the game????? If this is so can anyone actually complete this?

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